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A couple of great weeks of Wrestling in Southern Nevada, and we are just getting started.  This week we have "THE UPRISING" , hosted by Uprising MMA and Desert Pines HS, this event is completely GRADE BASED.  Age doesnt matter in these divisions, just the current grade in school.  Please make certain that you are selecting the correct grade division when registering.  It is never good to put an 8th grader in with 1st graders.

The division adjustments each week are part of the effort we have been asked to make in creating different wrestling opportunities for your athlete.  It is ok if a wrestler loses a match, it might be the best thing for the development.  It is OK if a wrestler wrestles someone 2 years older than them, it might be the best learning opportunity the younger wrestler sees all year.  Next week you may find yourself on the "old" side of the bracket or on the "heavy" side and it will be a different experience.

We are doing the Scramble Pairing for True Beginners this week, which means that it is critical that the coach (or whomever is registering the athletes) places the correct seperation/development level with each athlete. (struggling/developing/good)  this is used to matchup true beginners so matches are best served.  The scramble pairings are a little different to look at and will be posted on the walls at the event.  They will be grouped by team and then by name.  so if you know your team name and your wrestler name, you will be fine.  I will explain the process at the beginning of the true beginner session.

All Athletes in the True Beginners division will wrestle in the morning at 9am.

ALL OTHERS (INCLUDING Pre-K and Below and KINDER and 1st Grade) will wrestle at 12noon.

Once you have been registered please check Friday Night to make sure that you are in the correct divisions and that you are planning to be at the event during the correct session




IN addition to the SNWA Event we are hosting a toy drive for the Stupak Community center.  Please bring an unwrapped toy to be collected for those that are struggling this holiday season.  Henry Romero, a long time leader in youth wrestling, will be collecting the toys at a table in the lobby.

To add to the craziness of the event, The SNWA is having there first ever VINTAGE WRESTLING GEAR SALE.  We have small amounts of Gear going back 15 years.  We are opening up the vaults and making almost everything available...Shirts, jackets, warm-ups, bags, singlets, water bottles, headgear, etc  virtually everything will be $2-$5, so you can stock up on wrestling gear and support Southern Nevada Wrestling in the process.

USA Wrestling Weight Classes and Age Groups

In case you didn't know, USA wrestling has changed the weight classes for most ages. Check the link for the updated weights.


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       Thank you Coaches, Wrestlers, & Parents for all of your hard work & dedication.